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Watch the Braves mascot give a stiff arm to a kid straight to hell

Here’s one thing that’s usually a lot of fun: pets play sports. For whatever reason, clips of adult humans in giant costumes trying to engage in an athletic endeavor are great, usually because they just appearance extremely rare. This is made even better when those pets take on the kids in a sport, because the kids seem to have a good time trying to, like, get cubes against them or something.

Every now and then we get the holy grail, which is the clip of a pet trying too hard and something really stupid happening as a result. We got one of those clips on Saturday during halftime of an Atlanta Falcons preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Apparently, a group of mascots played a game against a team of kids wearing their full uniforms.

This brings us to Blooper, the mascot of the Atlanta Braves. Blooper took a hand and went off, trying to get to the rim on the way to the end zone. A brave young athlete tried to take him on, but instead, Blooper threw back the fiercest stiff arm I’ve ever seen in my life.

A few more kids tried to take Blooper down, they all failed. Don’t mess with the bloopers.


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