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These judges are corrupt

Please take a moment to access Josh Kovensky’s report here on Judge Cannon’s latest order. It’s hard to grasp how unheard of and almost unprecedented this is. Trump literally asked for this particular judge to be the Special Master. Now, just a couple of weeks after his appointment, she jumps in and just overrides him in the most transparently one-sided way. It’s really not too much to say that she’s essentially acting as Trump’s defense attorney, which is a good thing, I suppose, since she’s had a hard time holding on to them.

Special teachers work on behalf of the judge. At the end of the process he can make recommendations and she just can’t accept them. So she is not acting beyond her authority in the strict sense. But the point of the exercise is for a respected outside party to review the evidence and make recommendations to the judge. By stepping in and overturning entirely reasonable and uncomplicated decisions about how the review will proceed, she is removing any remaining pretext that she is there to oversee the case under the law rather than protect Trump. Not the worst of her orders in this ruling. Others are much worse in substance. But special teacher Dearie said that she needed x amount of time to do the review. She jumps up and says, no, you actually need to pass the election.

It’s all very transparent. But here we are. read them


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