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‘The Hunter Laptop, Multiple Hoaxes…’ Glenn Greenwald brutally reminds John Brennan of the LIES he told and promoted for the past 6 years

You guys remember John Brennan, right? Is he the jerk who sings directly under oath to Congress? And he somehow he paid zero consequences for it, but we digress.

Glenn Greenwald was nice enough to do our homework by reminding everyone WHY they shouldn’t believe anything Brennan or her ‘smallpox’ Natasha Bertrand says.

He even put together a little thread:

The disinformation duo.

That’s perfectly funny.

Basically, if John Brennan and Natasha Bertrand are blaming Russia for the Nord Stream pipeline leaks, then we know Russia didn’t do it.

Wait, try? Out of here. We haven’t been ‘allowed’ to ask our best real tests in years.

Silly Glenn.

Awww, that’s right. Hunter Biden’s laptop was supposed to be Russian disinformation, but now we know it was a LIE.

Another lie from Brennan.


But of course, Russia totally blew up its own pipeline. That says…

If you are John Brennan.



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