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One of the questions I’ve raised several times in the DeSantis Vineyard story is that the Florida company that pays for the migrants’ flights is not the one that actually runs them. The former is Vertol Systems, recently from Florida, and the latter Ohio-based Ultimate Jet Charters. Vertol is primarily a helicopter company and doesn’t appear to have the kind of planes needed for this kind of work, which begs the question why they got the contract. (Since news of all this broke, Vertol took its website offline.) As Vertol cannot do it, they have subcontracted the work to Last charter flights. this new The New Herald Article goes into all the details and reveals that Vertol has close ties to Larry Keefe, DeSantis’s appointee charged with enforcing his anti-immigration policies. Who could have guessed it.

Of course, this isn’t the first state contract awarded to a governor’s cronies and it doesn’t bring us any closer to knowing the real question: Who is DeSantis working with in Texas? And where is “Pearl”?


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