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Sunflower Bean brings ‘Who Put You In This?’ To ‘Stephen Colbert’

Sunflower Bean burned on stage The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night (September 22), performing his head full of sugar opener “Who put you up to this?”

Lead vocalist Julia Cummings had her bass in tow and sang with passion as she was flanked by guitarist/backing vocalist Nick Kivlen and the band’s drummer, Olive Faber. The stage was dark, allowing her instruments and voices to illuminate the intimate space. At the climax of the performance, Cummings lay on the piano covered in hundred-dollar bills as she continued to sing and play bass. The performance closes with all three members leaving the space as dollar bills fall out of the air.

head full of sugar It was released in May of this year. The 12-track effort was led by the singles “Who Put You Up To This?”, “Roll The Dice”, “I Don’t Have Control Sometimes”, and “In Flight”. full head closed a more than four-year hiatus for Sunflower Bean since their 2018 album twenty two in blue.

In 2020, the band appeared on “Take No Prisoners” from the original motion picture soundtrack for The turn alongside Living Things and The Turning.

Check out Sunflower Bean’s performance of “Who Put You In This?” in The Late Show with Stephen Colbert up.


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