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Fun Northern Boys ‘Party Time’ Music Video

Take a breath, BTS. Bye, Miami Boys Choir. There’s a new boy band in town, and it’s made up of three old Brits doing a British drill rap about the regrets and disappointments of their troubled lives. On September 15, a mysterious music video appeared on YouTube with the title, “Norman and Patrick have made a song.” It’s called “Party Time”, except in the music video itself it’s called “Northern Boy”. Whatever it’s called, it’s a certified banger (and mash). In the video, the Northern Boys are out on a muddy dirt road, delivering funny and downright charming lyrics about sex, drugs, partying, and the crippling mental health issues stemming from repressed white English masculinity. Oh, and it’s set to an “American Boy” karaoke track. Fun!

This would all be a standard rapping granny trick if Norman and Patrick didn’t have slashes, but each line is more surprising than the last. Her flow is aggressively confident and downright sad at the same time. But who are these boys from the north? Norman Pain describes himself”rrrratchet guy” and “ugly mole” that “he is not used to this kind of mental health issues, I just want to live in a church and find peace of mind!” Patrick Karneigh Jr. is “a dirty, miserable man” whose wife makes him sleep outside. And Kevin (no last name) is a chiller who is just there to bring good vibes and do easy choreography with his guys.

While to some this may seem like it came out of nowhere, both Pain other Karneigh Jr. have appeared on the tracks of Pete & Bas, another duo that entered the rap scene in 2017 that the BBC has called “The Grandfathers of the UK Drill” because they just started at age 70. Hopefully these guys are starting too, because we don’t want “Party Time” to end. We’re going to need the full mixtape to make this season a true Northern Boy fall.


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