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‘Family Guy’ Producers Tease 400th Episode To Take On Fandom Culture

As “Family Guy” heads into its 21st season on Sunday, executive producers and showrunners Alec Sulkin and Rich Appel shared details behind the series’ upcoming 400th episode. “Family Guy” continues to bring a satirical eye to its scenarios, and in the anniversary episode, the show will take a deep dive into the obsessive culture of social media fans, also known as “stan.”

The 400th episode, expected to arrive in November, follows Stewie (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) as he becomes a crazed fan of a famous pop star. That obsession drives him to hilariously wild extremes. It was MacFarlane, who knows a thing or two about having outspoken fans, who first pitched the idea to the producers.

“That’s not a story that we would have thought to tell five years ago, that phenomenon of fans of artists like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, you name them, who are really so devoted that they embrace their views,” Appel said. .

It’s a practice the animated series does from time to time: taking trending facets of society and presenting them to its audience through a satirical lens. This time, “it’s nice that it’s a Seth-driven story about an interesting topic,” Appel added.

The new season comes as the “Family Guy” staff returns to their writers room in person, after several years of a pandemic moving to virtual meetings.

“It’s always so much fun to get together and make each other laugh, which is really the main part of our job,” Sulkin said. “’Family Guy,’ in particular, is a show known for its humor, its edgy humor and sometimes its black humor. So, it was just a great group of people to laugh with at a time when there was so much uncertainty.”

Season 21 of “Family Guy” will premiere on September 25 at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.


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