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‘Confess, Fletch’ Where to watch it

Have you been dying for a Jon Hamm and John Slattery reunion since the end of Crazy men? Now, you can see their glorious friendship on the big screen (or small screen!) in the crime comedy, Confess, Fletch..

Hamm plays the eponymous Irwin “Fletch” Fletcher, a former journalist with an endless capacity for getting into trouble. Hamm fills the big shoes of Chevy Chase, who starred in the previous two installments of the feather Serie. the first two feather other fletch Lives, debuted in the 1980s. Chase made the role his own, using his trademark charm and physical comedy to cement the feather series as a classic.

Now, in the third installment of the series, Hamm’s Fletch searches for a missing art collection. Of course, the man has a tendency to get into more trouble than he bargained for. This time? He ends up as a murder suspect. Confess, Fletch. has been riddled with more than twisted plot points, however, according to director Greg Mottola, of super bathroom other adventure land fame. Hamm reportedly gave up 60 percent of his own salary to the film’s budget, so the production team was able to extend the shoot by three days. The director also donated part of his salary, just to finish the film on his terms.

After all this effort, it is Confess, Fletch. worth seeing? Luckily, you have the opportunity to check it out for yourself. The film opened in select theaters on September 16, but if you can’t see it near you, Confess, Fletch. it is available rent on amazon other AppleTV. On October 28, after its theatrical release, the film will become a Showtime exclusive feature. So what if the ’80s fever still hasn’t died down? You know the move this weekend.

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